Service & Support

Optimizing productivity and and customer convenience through the provision of world-class customer service

AMS provides superb service to our end-users. We assure that every system under contract receives the best possible customer service to enhance the safety and stability of equipment for the benefit of hospitals and patients. The goal is to help AllTech customers achieve maximum benefits at the lowest possible cost.
After-sales service
  1. System preventative maintenance and performance audit

    Comprehensive system evaluation and optimization for peak performance.Complete examination and system optimization is performed every six months. This service includes equipment calibration, performance testing and tuning, all necessary mechanicalor electrical inspections, preventive maintenance and cleaning.

  2. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting 24/7

    24/7 Detecting and eradicating even the most minor issues before they occur. Through a connection to AllTech’s Remote Support Center, your system will be monitored 24/7/365. Our team of IT and clinical experts can remotely identify issues, conduct troubleshooting and initiate repairs, eliminating system downtime even before it can occur.

  3. Training and Education

    AllTech Medical Systems Education achieves the full potential of your staff and system by providing a comprehensive, practical and customized curriculum for your technicians and radiologists. The courses provide knowledge, expertise while developing the skills required by professional medical engineers and radiologists. Through these meaningful courses, AllTech prepares you and your staff for operation, maintenance and management of our equipment. In addition, you and your staff have the chance to attend AllTech’s periodic conferences, enjoying lectures by the world’s top radiologists. These conferences are held in the AllTech Medical Systems Education Center where they provide inspiration through a chance to communicate with a number of the top physicians in medical imaging from throughout the world.

  4. Software updates/release

    Alltech Medical Systems provides access to a wide range of software revisions including new clinical applications for the entire product lifecycle. With the availability of the latest features and improvements, AllTech customers will be able to accommodate changing clinical or research needs as well as get the most out of their system.

Dedicated, proficient engineering and clinical staff of experts standing by for your personalized and professional service.
Global Service Team
  • On-site spare parts storage
    1On-site spare parts storage

    Spare parts storage can be established in hospitals based upon a risk assessment of each specific situation. Establishment of on-site spare parts storage assures an extremely quick response and action in case of emergency downtime.

  • Local agents
    2Local agents

    Local customer service centers are staffed with Field Service Engineers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our Service Engineers are able to manage the required daily care and maintenance of equipment while providing troubleshooting capabilities including an inventory of the most commonly required spare parts. Upon a client’s request, a service engineer will be on site in a facility at the shortest time. Our Field Service Engineers routinely visit client hospitals to provide preventative maintenance and receive customer feedback.

  • AMS Global Service Center
    3AMS Global Service Center

    As the leader of the AMS Global Services, AMS headquarters provides technical support to all level 1 and 2 agents.