Neurology Imaging
Our Neuro Imaging Suite provides clinically optimized protocols for head and spine exams, including protocols for fast and post-contrast exams. The protocols are optimized for high resolution and SNR to clearly show all pathology in these anatomies.
Applications and techniques:
1.Advanced DWI
Our advanced Diffusion Weighted Imaging techniques can help achieve faster, more confident diagnoses with high SNR and pathology sensitivity.
· Multiple b values (5)
· Multiple directions (21)
· Auto ADC Maps
· Single directional DWI
· Average DWI Maps

2.Isotropic 3D T1
Isotropic T13D protocols acquired with sub-millimeter resolution provides Multi-Planar reconstruction in all three planes in one acquisition.
Parallel imaging (PPI)
· Shorter scan time with increased resolution
· Flexible PPI factors from 1.0 to 3.0
· Shorter ETL for improved DWI
· More advanced calculation
· Reliable image quality

3.DTI & Fiber Track(WIP)
Advanced Diffusion Tensor Imaging provides advanced processing methods for assessment of white matter fiber tracts.
· Fast and accurate fiber tracking
· Immediate generation of DTI, FA, RA and ADC maps
· Simple fiber tracking workflow
· Flexible parameters to produce ideal fiber tracking result
· Automatic correction for motion and eddy currents
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Body Imaging
Our Body Suite contains clinically optimized protocols, that provide comprehensive capabilities ranging from routine imaging to specialized imaging strategies unique to oncology. To achieve high quality results, ultra-fast breath hold protocols such as single shot, balanced, and in and out of phase optimized sequences are provided. Optimized free breath protocols are provided for uncooperative patients. Dynamic post-contrast exams are easily performed with the 3D T1 protocols optimized for excellent spatial and temporal resolution. MR Cholangiopancreatography and Urography protocols provide excellent visualization of the Biliary and Urinary systems. Multiple B value DWI imaging allows for increased sensitivity for pathological differentiation.
Applications and techniques:
   1.Advanced Spectrum FS-SPAIR/SPIR
   Advanced pulse selection to produce consistent FatSat results for large anatomy imaging.

   2.Magnitude Recovery
   Provides excellent T2 weighted imaging using a shorter TR. All T2 weighting contrast is enhanced with the use of Magnitude Recovery.
   Partial Fourier Transformation (PFT)
   · 40 percent scan time reduction
   · Fast reconstruction
   · Support for Gradient Echo, Spin Echo and Fast Spin Echo

   3.In and Out of phase imaging.
   · In and Out of phase in one breathhold for spatial consistency

   True steady state Ultra fast GRE protocol for motion free abdominal imaging

   5.AVIATE(Advanced Volume Imaging of Abdomen for T1 Exam)
   · Fast uniform fat suppression
   · Ultra short TR TE, very low FA, provides excellent T1 contrast
   · Fast 14-18 seconds scan time for breathhold exams.
   · Compatible with slice interpolation and PFT for high resolution and shorter scan times
   · T1 dynamic abdominal post contrast temporal exams
   · Compatible with PPI
   · Auto subtraction, post contrast images can be processed for vessel visualization in MIP
   · Contrast view can be used for an intensity over time plot

   6.Body DWI
   Our body Diffusion Weighted Imaging is designed to provide high SNR diffusion images of the abdominal anatomies with a short acquisition time. Its multi-b value feature provides measurement of ADC map.
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Musculoskeletal Imaging
The Musculoskeletal Imaging Suite contains clinically optimized protocols for high resolution orthopedic examinations. By using the anatomy optimized Orion coils, exams for shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, elbow, and wrist can clearly detect all pathology within the anatomy of interest.
Applications and techniques
1.High quality off-center imaging
Optimized off-center imaging will provide excellent images of joints, especially when utilizing homogeneous fat suppression.

2.MTC Plus T2*Flash
This technique is used for orthopedic and spine imaging, with MTC technique. T2* Flash sequence will obtain excellent tissue contrast between cartilage, joint fluid, bone, muscles and ligaments.

3.Dedicated anatomical coils provide high resolution and SNR joint imaging.
Dedicated and Multi-purpose joint coils are available in a variety of sizes, specially designed to provide excellent image quality and flexibility with high resolution and SNR. The dedicated MSK coils allow for optimal coil placement on the intended anatomy, providing excellent image quality.
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Angiography Imaging
The Angiography Imaging Suite contains clinically optimized contrast or non-contrast angiography protocols for arterial and venous imaging. TOF 3D MultiVolume and 2D protocols with very high resolution are excellent for non-contrast angiography. The 2D fast bolus tracking interface, utilized while performing contrast enhanced angiography studies, ensures the optimal contrast arrival time at the anatomy of interest. The Angiography Suite, along with auto MIP and background subtraction provides optimal vessel visualization.
Applications and techniques:
1.CE-MRA Package
· Fast scan with very short TR and TE
· K-space Center filling
· Auto MIP processing
· Auto subtraction processing
2.Interactive Bolus detection
· Interactive real-time scan and display
· ROI signal intensity Auto-Switch
· Manual-Switch
· Subtraction for better bolus view
· User friendly Interactive design
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Breast Imaging
Breast Imaging Suite is an advanced clinical package, providing comprehensive breast imaging capabilities ranging from routine imaging to specialized imaging strategies specific to oncology applications. Fast high-resolution volume 3D protocols used for dynamic post-contrast exams will help you to achieve more confident diagnoses.
Applications and techniques:
1.User friendly dynamic contrast post-processing SW package.
· Post subtraction
· Multiple series load and subtraction
· Up to 4 ROI’s for multiple series
· Dynamic SI –time curve analysis(absolute and relative)
· Multi-forms of outputs

2.The 6-Channel phased array breast coil offers excellent CNR and SNR image quality
The breast coil is integrated with a comfortable patient support and produces excellent bilateral breast imaging with enhanced spatial and temporal resolution. The high SNR of the breast coil allows for excellent visualization of small lesions and penetration of the axillary region.
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