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With two subsidiaries in Cleveland (USA) and Chengdu (China), AllTech Medical Systems designs, manufactures, and distributes medical diagnostic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) products. Our Company brings together top scientists in China and more than 30 excellent scientists and management talents from North America and Europe. Our core team members have an average of over 20 years of research, design, engineering and managing experience in the field of MRI. They together hold more than 130 patents and have published a large number of influential academic papers. Our collaborative research team boasts two experts listed in ‘the national 1000-elite Program’ by Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, four experts in ‘the provincial 1000-elite Program’ in Sichuan Province, 44 people with a Master or PhD degree.
Core research departments include magnet engineering, software engineering, application development, systems engineering and clinical application research department. As an innovation-oriented company, AllTech Medical System excels in core technologies of high-tech medical imaging equipments for diagnosis and treatment. Currently, our company has undertaken more than ten national and provincial programs.

AllTech’s goal and conception is to fully utilize the advantages of each partner's resources and achieve innovation by win-win cooperation and sharing results. Also AllTech aims to cultivate technicians who can serve and contribute in clinic field and human healthcare.


AllTech Medical Systems’ research collaboration team consists of top experts from AllTech R & D center in Chengdu and Cleveland. They can be divided into four groups by function:

1. Engineering research group, supporting magnet engineering, RF engineering and systems integration and other hardware research.

2. Software research group, supporting software research.

3. Application development and clinical application research group, supporting sequence development and clinical application.

4. After-sales group, supporting hardware and software installation.


Research projects are generally conducted in four phases, i.e. project approval, project implementation, results assessment and achievements transformation.

In the project approval stage, projects are assessed in regard to the market demands, technological feasibility, production feasibility and other factors. After the project has been approved, project tasks and sub-tasks are identified according to specific technical requirements.

In the project implementation stage, the R & D tasks and sub-projects are assigned to related R&D departments.

In the project evaluation stage, achievements of the project will be evaluated comprehensively. Scientific results, including patents, software and hardware are accessed in regard to project results and initial requirements.

In the application promotion stage, the achievements are integrated into the system and adopted into products and clinical practice.


For the past ten years, AllTech has made an initial success in collaborative research projects. We have built integrated project management network by win-win cooperation with partners and integrating domestic and international high-tech resources.

The main research partners include Medical School of Tsinghua University, West China Medical School of Sichuan University / West China Hospital, School of Life Science and Technology of Electronic Science and Technology University and other first-class hospitals and universities in China. West China Hospital has signed an agreement with AllTech on the establishment of a Functionality and Molecular Imaging Research Center and long-term partnership for magnetic resonance imaging research. AllTech has also reached an agreement with Sichuan University on the establishment of a practice base for Medical Informatics Engineering at AllTech’s Chengdu factory.

  • 7.0T Superconducting MRI system for pre-clinical and pharmaceutical research
  • Technical commercialization of superconducting MRI system
  • Development of multinuclear RF coils for 7T MRI system
  • Research and development of key technologies for superconducting MRI system
  • Research and development of a 1.5T superconducting magnet with zero helium boiling-off
  • Research and development of a superconducting magnetic resonance imaging system
  • Research and development of superconducting MRI system key components and integration
  • Research and integration of color Doppler ultrasound system
  • Research and development of key components and system integration of multi-slice CT system
  • Wide bore superconducting MRI magnet
  • Design and development of high-field superconducting magnet