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Governor looks to AllTech for tips on boosting area industries

ABOVE: Vice Secretary of Provincial Committee and Provincial Governor Jiang Jufeng (center)—along with Member of Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Committee Huang XinChu (left)—arrives at AllTech Medical Systems. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan
CHENGDU, CHINA—As the Chinese saying goes, the whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. And so the provincial government started off their year with a visit to AllTech Medical Systems followed by a symposium, with both activities devoted to exploring the factors behind the company’s financial and technological triumphs. Recognizing the significance of the company’s progress both in independent innovation and in commercializing its research findings, Sichuan province’s Governor Jiang Jufeng spearheaded the special Feb. 1 trip to survey this progress in-person and offer suggestions for its continued success.

The governor brought with him a number of members from the Municipal Party Committee, as well. Additional guests included Member of Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Committee XinChu Huang; Chengdu Mayor Honglin Ge; Secretary-General of the Provincial Government Wei Yu; Director-General of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission Liming Tang; Director-General of the Provincial Economic Commission Hailin Wang; Director-General of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology Yuxing Peng; the Secretary of the Provincial Intellectual Property Office Feng Huang; Member and Secretary-General of the Chengdu Municipal Standing Committee Huazhang He; Gang Jing, Member of the Chengdu Municipal Standing Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-Tech Zone; and Chengdu’s vice mayor Bai Gang; and the assistant mayor Chunlin Han, who is also the Director-General of Administrative Commission for the High-Tech Zone. The group was received by AllTech CEO Mark Zou and CTO Hans van Oort.

The group first visited the company's large-bore superconducting magnet production line, the premier of its kind in all of Asia, followed by a viewing of China's first proprietary 1.5T superconducting MRI machine. During the tour, the governor acknowledged AllTech’s technological achievements, but also posed questions on how to improve the product market and assist AllTech’s future development.

Dr. Zou referred to the company’s position as part of the 12th “Five-Year” plan, remarking that with the provincial government's strong support, the staff aims to “seize the day” and continue its role as a globally competitive leader in the field of high-end medical diagnostic imaging equipment. By building AMS into an international, world-class high-tech company, Sichuan province will further advance scientific and technological industries in the region, therefore living up to the Provincial Party Committee’s expectations.

Later in the afternoon, the governor hosted a symposium, inviting Vice Governor Jie Liu and other officials from the provincial and municipal departments. During the conference, attendees heard proposals from representatives of Sichuan business leaders, including Dr. Zou.

In response, Governor Jiang urged the provincial departments to accelerate their creation of supportive policies that would further advocate businesses in Sichuan such as AllTech. Such supportive measures would include giving special support to the combination of industry, education and research institutions to promote commercialization of research findings, talent introduction, investment of R & D expenditures, project application, the establishment of incentives, intellectual property protection and patent applications.

In the large-scale phase of the industrialization of research findings, plans include promoting the resource concentration on inventive businesses, reinforcing the restructuring within the industrial chain and supporting enterprises development within the industry, helping enterprises find strategic partners for open cooperation, create reforms to assist with low-cost expansion, guide businesses in making better use of marketing and financing tools, and facilitate the cultivation of professional managers.

During the current stage of market development, however, it is hoped that the government will focus on building a market platform and information disclosure system, which would solve uneven communication among businesses as well as interaction between relevant state departments and adherence to national policies and regulations.

See below for a photo essay of the governor's visit. 

ABOVE: Governor Jiang and other officials view the factory during a visit to AllTech’s superconducting MRI production line. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan


ABOVE: The group is treated to a special viewing of the superconducting MRI, which was the first in China to gain independent intellectual property rights, in the demo room. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan


ABOVE: Governor Jiang and officials tour the factory during a visit to AllTech’s superconducting MRI production workshop. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan