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AllTech unveils new generation of 1.5T MRI at RSNA 2011

ABOVE: The RSNA 2011 conference doubled as a networking opportunity and the debut for AllTech's newest product series. PHOTO CREDIT: Horace Lee

CHICAGO—At the 97th annual conference of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), AllTech introduced its newest generation of MRI systems: the EchoStar 1.5T, a 16-channel, high-end medical imaging product. This year’s conference also marked the occasion of the first Chinese high-field MRI manufacturer to join the organization.

Equipped with the avant-garde Orion RF system, the Echostar adheres to the gold standard for designing high-quality, large-aperture superconducting magnets while also introducing a unique power protection technology. The system also boasts a wealth of advanced clinical applications to support an intelligent, friendly graphical interface and workflow management solutions, primarily for large hospitals at home and abroad.

CEO Dr. Mark Zou said AllTech's global team is committed to providing first-rate healthcare products at less cost to more customers around the world.

“Through the introduction of these new, high-end imaging systems, AllTech will further enrich its product lineup,” Dr. Zou said. “Its application will reduce hospitals’ equipment purchasing and maintenance costs, which means more hospital patients around the world will get access to advanced diagnosis services."

During the exhibition, the Echostar 1.5T MRI attracted the attention of many internationally renowned imaging experts and scholars, who gathered around the AllTech booth for a closer look at the operating system. Many expressed enthusiasm for the fact that AllTech has made a name for itself as a major global supplier of superconducting MRI systems.

Furthermore, throughout the exhibit, AllTech’s sales team made substantial gains toward penetrating the international market: the team repeatedly engaged with potential customers from Canada, Russia, and other countries, with several in-depth conversations resulting in preliminary agreements.

Founded in 1915, RSNA is an internationally established organization with the majority of its active members residing in the U.S. and Canada. International membership also includes representatives from several countries part of the European, Asian, and Oceanian continents.

RSNA's mission seeks to promote increased development in radiology and related sciences through education and research. By providing support to leading scholars and scientists in the form of education programs and learning materials, RSNA’s goal remains to improve the quality of the field. Members are committed to all aspects of radiology studies and related disciplines, including improving public health screening by drawing from clinical research and encouraging greater cooperation between radiologists and other branches of medicine.

See below for a photo essay of the AllTech exhibit.

ABOVE: AllTech COO David Grime (far right) and CTO Hans Van Oort (center, back) shake hands with new customers after signing new cooperative agreements. PHOTO CREDIT: Horace Lee

ABOVE: AllTech’s newly released Echostar 1.5T superconducting MRI system. PHOTO CREDIT: Horace Lee

ABOVE: Simulation workstations for guests to experiment with the Echostar’s sleek, user-friendly operating booth. PHOTO CREDIT: Horace Lee

ABOVE: Liang Xingyuan, vice chairman of the Shanxi Province Committee of China Radiology Society, visits the AllTech exhibit. PHOTO CREDIT: Tim Deng
ABOVE: Professor Gao Fabao (right) meets with AllTech CEO Mark Zou at the AllTech exhibit. PHOTO CREDIT: Horace Lee