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Hundreds of hospital presidents drop by AllTech to see EchoStar 1.5T

AllTech's EchoStar draws hundreds of hospital presidents


ABOVE: In groups, hospital executives and representatives file into the Chengdu manufacturing base of AllTech Medical Systems to inspect the company’s innovations. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan

CHENGDU, CHINA—Thanks to its pioneering clinical performance, stable quality, and competitive price, AllTech’s EchoStar 1.5T system continues to strengthen its foothold in China’s domestic market since its introduction two years ago. In light of these achievements, the Sichuan Provincial Health Department organized seven different factions of presidents from a total of more than 240 hospitals to visit AllTech’s R & D operations center in Chengdu and get a closer look at the company’s advancements.

During their inspection of the High-Tech Zone facility, representatives posed many questions about the significance and implications of the EchoStar system in particular. Several presidents of top-level hospitals emphasized the urgent need to implement advanced superconducting MRI equipment in order to improve the accuracy of diagnostic services as well as increase the efficiency of hospital operations.

AllTech president Ms. Cindy Jin noted the advanced superconducting MRI equipment manufactured at the Chengdu base is fully capable of meeting all the basic clinical diagnostic needs of the representatives’ hospitals. Moreover, as a high-tech medical device company planted and nurtured in Chengdu, AllTech is perfectly placed to offer the most favorable solution to all the imaging requirements of regional hospitals. With machines already in use all over the province in such locations as West China Hospital, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, and the Liberation Army 452 Hospital, AllTech remains a key player in solving the diagnostic needs and corresponding financial concerns of patients throughout the region.

See below for a photo essay further detailing the events of these visits by distinguished hospital representatives.

ABOVE: AMS president Ms. Cindy Jin (far right) offers a preliminary presentation on AllTech’s exponential growth as a group of hospital representatives listen. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan
ABOVE: Sichuan Department of Health’s Ren Xiangping, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Medical Affairs, gives a speech on the government’s partnership with AllTech Medical Systems. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan


ABOVE: AllTech CEO Mark X. Zou (right) fields a question on AMS products from a hospital representative during a tour of the company’s factory. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan