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National Development and Reform Commission Tours AllTech

ABOVE: AllTech Medical Systems president Ms. Cindy Jin (at left) speaks about the progress of AllTech’s roadmap with Ren Zhiwu (right), Vice Director of National Development and Reform Commission High-Tech Divison.

CHENGDU, China—Ren Zhiwu, Vice Director of the National Development and Reform Commission High-Tech Division, recently paid a visit to AllTech Medical Systems. Mr. Ren arrived with the intention of learning more about the latest research on superconducting MRI systems, including 1.5T, 3T, 7T machines. AMS president, Cindy Jin briefed Mr. Ren on the company’s progress, including having established itself as a leader in the MRI industry; in fact, AllTech’s installations within China have already exceeded 100 in total, with units installed at some of the country’s most respected hospitals.

Following Ms. Jin’s presentation, Mr. Ren and his group toured the factory workshop. Ren remarked on AllTech’s R&D capabilities as well as its innovations; he specifically cited how AllTech has helped pose a solution to national healthcare needs by providing affordable, dependable preventative care to regions that have previously had no access to MRI machines. As a result, Mr. Ren rounded off his visit by pledging his commitment to promoting AllTech’s products within both domestic and global markets.

ABOVE: Mr. Ren Zhiwu (center) takes a tour of the AllTech factory accompanied by AMS President Ms. Cindy Jin (left) and AllTech lead scientist Zheng Guowei.