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No.1 Dedicated Pet 1.5T Super-conducting MRI Was Born in Chengdu

Picture: World No.1 pet dedicated 1.5T super-conducting MRI Prototype 

After the 1st 1.5T super-conducting MRI system made in China come into the world from Alltech in 2007, a new R&D Cooperation project between a pet MRI supplier in UK and AllTech launched in Chengdu. The new pet MRI project started from Dec, 2011.The 1st dedicated 1.5T super-conduct MRI product shows up in Apr.2013. The panda was scanned with this machine and get impressive image quality. The 1st pet MRI will be exported to UK in May.2013.

During this R&D project, The UK team and Alltech team work together tightly and implement many novel technologies in this system like bird cage array, self-shielding system, V-shape spine coil. The V-shape patient bed, the special waveguide for anesthesia pipe and the view window show the dedication purpose for pet clinical use only. This system mainly aims to offer MRI solution to the pet market in North America and Europe.