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China-made 1.5T MRI Successfully Sold to EU 8th April 3013

AllTech's Centauri 1.5T superconducting MRI system successful installation in Lithuania marked the first such system made of China in EU.

As the leading superconducting MRI system manufacturer in China, AllTech Medical Systems (AMS) launched its first product system in 2009. AllTech began to expand China market after it obtained the China SFDA certificate in 2009. The first 1.5T MRI system was installed in Sichuan Aosidi Hospital of Orthopedics. Currently AMS has about 100 customers, including Beijing PLA301 Hospital, Beijing PLA 304 Hospital, West China Hospital, XiangYa Hospital and other prestigious hospitals in China. Installation at Lithuania represents a first solid step entering EU market both for AMS and Chinese high-end medical imaging equipment industry.

Under the leadership of Dr. Mark Zou and Cindy Jin, the Alltech team is committed to deliver more affordable MRI to more hospitals in the global market.

Picture 1: AllTech 1.5T MRI Superconducting magnet was moved-in Lithuania hospital

Picture 2: AllTech 1.5T MRI Superconducting system was being installed in Lithuania hospital

Picture 3: AllTech 1.5T Superconducting MRI successfully installed in Lithuania hospital