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AMS quality standards earn gold star from Director of SFDA during surprise visit

ABOVE: Director Wang Baoting (far right) inspects the production line of AllTech Medical Systems’ superconductive MRI RF coil. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan

CHENGDU, CHINA—In a surprise visit, Director-General of the State Food and Drug Administration’s Department of Medical Devices Wang Baoting stopped by AllTech Medical Systems’ manufacturing base on June 1 to verify the company’s adherence to product quality regulations. To assist in the inspection, the director brought with him Chen Yong, deputy director of Sichuan Province’s Food and Drug Administration and Cao Li, Director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Medical Devices.

AMS president Cindy Jin provided Director Wang and his party with an extensive tour of the company’s product quality management. Ms. Jin emphasized that AMS not only strictly enforces the expectations of the regulatory agency, but also maintains all manufacturing and testing processes in accordance with international industry standards of quality control in places such as the US and EU. 

Carefully checking the image quality and the parts production processes, Director Wang concluded at the end of his visit that AllTech did indeed give top priority to product quality management. Furthermore, he expressed hopes that AMS would continue to demand a stellar standard of product quality management from its employees. With higher expectations keeping the company accountable, AllTech will enable more hospitals to purchase a 1.5T superconductive MRI system that offers reliable quality and convenient service for a competitive price. 

About AllTech Medical Systems 

AllTech Medical Systems is poised to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of MRI systems. AMS is committed to engineering revolutionary MRI systems that improve the capability of existing systems while reducing costs, thereby increasing overall global access to this expensive but vital medical technology. 

ABOVE: AllTech President Cindy Jin chats with SFDA Director Wang Baoting during a tour of the 1.5T superconductive MRI demonstration room. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan