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Minister of Health Chen Zhu visits AllTech Exhibit

Minister of Health Chen Zhu praises AMS during HOSPEQ visit 

ABOVE: AllTech Medical Systems CEO Dr. Zou Xueming displays AllTech’s Centauri 1.5T system for China’s Minister of Health Chen Zhu. Minister Chen and other officials stopped by the company’s exhibition hall while touring HOSPEQ 2011.

BEIJING—While attending HOSPEQ 2011, China’s 20th international medical equipment exhibition and seminar, Minister of Health Chen Zhu and other department leaders met with several AllTech Medical Systems executives at the company’s exhibit hall. Accompanied by Vice Minister Huang Jiefu, former vice minister Zhu Qingsheng, and others, Minister Chen listened to a detailed report on the company’s progress and product features. 

AllTech’s CEO Dr. Zou Xueming, President Ms. Cindy Jin, and other executives informed the minister that the company’s Centauri 1.5T superconducting MRI systems are operating reliably in more than 30 top hospitals in China. Moreover, several machines are in the process of being exported to overseas markets such as Russia, the US, and Iran. 

Minister Chen praised the achievements of Alltech in superconducting MRI equipment innovation, market development, product demonstrations etc., and expressed his cordial encouragement. As medical diagnostic imaging is directly related with people's health, he noted the company’s work is an important project with many implications for regional development. He added that he hoped AllTech’s position as a pioneer of China's superconducting MR would not only allow them to remain a leader in the global market, but also to make technological breakthroughs in production. 

By achieving these goals, AllTech would help meet people’s needs for better diagnostic imaging services, strengthen technical innovation, master core technology, and carve out a permanent place in the domestic market, Minister Chen said. In doing so, AllTech will further expand the international market and simultaneously promote greater and faster development in China.

A Brief Introduction of China-HOSPEQ 2011 

HOSPEQ 2011 (the 20th China International Medical Equipment Exhibition and Seminar China ) is spear-headed by the International Health Exchange and Cooperation Center of Ministry of Health, the Chinese Hospital Association, the Chinese Association of Medical Equipment, and other leaders in the health industry. The exhibition’s mission is to accelerate the rational allocation of medical health resources, to improve the quality and quantity of equipment in medical institutions, to encourage the introduction of advanced technologies, and to create and sustain jobs in national health. Designated by the Ministry of Health as an event for medical instrument assessment and selection as well as a display for new research and products, China-HOSPEQ is dedicated to bridging the gap between government, patients, and enterprises.