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AllTech at the ISMRM 2016 Annual Meeting | Winner of Young Investigator Award (YIA)

May 2016, Singapore

From 7 May to 13 May 2016, the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), the world's top medical magnetic resonance annual event, was held at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Aiming at promoting communication, research, development and applications of magnetic resonance in the fields of medicine and biology, as well as developing and offering avenues for continuing education in the field, the ISMRM gathers the best of minds around this world ---- scientists, physicians, radiologists, technologists and the like, to probe into the latest research trends and innovations which will greatly facilitate the transformation of biomedical research achievements into clinical applications. At the ISMRM 2016, AllTech not only published several high-quality abstracts, but also won the Young Investigator Award (YIA), once again showing AllTech's strong scientific research strength to the world with excellent achievements.

At this year’s ISMRM, AllTech sponsored “Annual OCSMRM Meeting 2016”. “As a high-tech innovative medical company, AllTech has always been paying close attention to the most cutting-edge medical imaging technologies and development trends of clinical practice, and participating in top international medical research conferences and activities like ISMRM,” said Dr. Meng, CMO of AllTech, “at the same time, keeping close cooperation with research institutions, companies and well-known medical experts can jointly promote innovation and development of medical imaging technologies.” 

AllTech Team at the ISMRM 2016

To honor and encourage young researchers on innovative theories, technologies and clinical researches in the field of Magnetic Resonance, the ISMRM specially established Young Investigator Award (YIA) which attracts a large group of young researchers every year. Excitingly, the abstract by Dr. Wu Ziyue, from AllTech R&D team, published in JMRI, and was then selected as the W.S. Moore Young Investigator Award (YIA) finalist at ISMRM 2016 (For YIA, there are only 3 quotas globally every year), and he also made a wonderful speech. Finally, voted by experts on site, Dr. Wu Ziyue successfully won the 2016 YIA in Clinical Science, demonstrating AllTech's clinical research strength in the field of Medical Magnetic Resonance.

Dr.Wu Ziyue is making a speech

In study on MRI innovative clinical applications, Dr. Wu Ziyue presents a new fast imaging method for airway collapsibility evaluation based on sparse golden-angle radial CAIPIRINHA, which combines simultaneous multi-slice excitation, non-Cartesian acquisition, parallel imaging and compressive sensing acceleration technology, with acceleration factor up to 33.3. Preliminary clinical experiments have proven that this method can significantly increase the success rate of sleep surgeons.

Dr. Wu Ziyue at Award Ceremony for YIA


                                                                                             Dr.Wu Ziyue in an interview

At this most professional and influential global conference, the publication of abstracts is one of the most important indicators to evaluate a company’s research capability. This year, together with the abstract mentioned above, there were six abstracts in total been included by ISMRM 2016 signed with the name of AllTech Medical Systems, spotlighting the fields like MR imaging, clinical application, clinical research, etc.

  • A method to early detection chemo therapy cardiovascular in the cancer treatment is developed and validated. Chemo treatment induced changes in myocardial perfusion at rest is enough to be detected with model based quantitation with this method.
  • Extend Simultaneous Multi-Slice Imaging with ESPIRiT parallel imaging method, resulting in higher-fidelity sensitivity distribution estimation and highly robust reconstruction.   
  • Image Intensity Corrections in ESPIRiT reconstruction is implemented to properly scale coil sensitivity map. This non-prescan image intensity correction algorithm reduces scan time and also immune to patient motion.
  • The proposed rapid B0-mapping procedure provides an eddy currents insensitive shim method without increasing the in-vivo shimming time, also reduces errors from motion induced phase changes. This technique will improve the image quality, especially the chemical shift based fat suppression as well as spectroscopic applications.
  • An Quadratic-phase RF-Pulses is developed for outer volume suppression in collaboration between AllTech and scientists from University of California, Berkeley, resulting in better performance on insensitivity to B1 inhomogeneous and volume selection capability in case of equivalent RF peak power and SAR, compared to root-flip method. 

Innovation is the soul of national progress. Over the past 11 years, AllTech has always been taking innovation as the engine of development, and attaching great importance to the introduction and cultivation of talents to promote the leaps and bounds of MRI industry. In the future, AllTech will keep innovating and providing advanced high-tech diagnostic and treatment experience to customers and patients worldwide.