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A New Transnational Brain Science Storm — Alltech Medical Systems joins CCC Brain Project

Human brain project is one of the hottest research areas among countries. Either from structure or function, brain is the most complicated tissue within the biology.

 Alltech in A New Transnational Brain Science Storm

Owing to the leading role of brain science in the whole field of natural science and its facilitation on economic and social development, in recent years, a number of important brain initiatives are being taken in North America, Europe, Japan, Russia, South Korea, etc.

* America Brain Initiative plans to invest 4.5 billion dollars focusing on probing new brain research technology

* European Brain Initiative plans to invest 1 billion dollars, to use supercomputer technology to imitate brain function

* Japan set 21st century as “Brain Science Century”. Taking marmosets as model to explore various brain functions and brain disease


China, the world’s second largest economy, also has listed “Brain Science and Brain-Like Intelligence Technology” as one of the biggest sci-tech projects in the Outline of the 13th Five-Year Program. According to the layout of China “Brain Initiative”, both Beijing and Shanghai have initiated regional “Brain Science and Brain-Like Intelligence” plans, starting funding related research projects.


Chengdu Brain Initiative is also on the way.


Cuba, Sep. 24, 2016 (local time), Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Cuban President Raul Castro witnessed the signing of China (Chengdu)-Canada-Cuba Brain Project Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and Cuban Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Group. This is the only local government agreement signed with state leaders’ participation of both China and Cuba by far, marking the startup of International Brain Project among China (Chengdu), Canada and Cuba (CCC).

 China (Chengdu)-Canada-Cuba Brain Project Signing Ceremony

On the basis of the CCC tripartite partnership, Chengdu “Tianfu Brain Project” keeps incorporating leading enterprises and medical entities in relevant fields into research cooperators, to build interdisciplinary research platform and to improve the R&D of high-end medical imaging technology and products.

Alltech Chengdu ManufactureAs one of the major cooperators of “Tianfu Brain Project”, Alltech plays a decisive role, who will cooperate with the CCC tripartite governments and universities to create a crossover brain science platform and promote the development of high-end medical imaging industry and technology. Integrating advantages of scientific research strength and international market experience across over 16 countries in five continents, Alltech has always been in pursuit of higher standard of medical imaging technology. During the implementation of the project, Alltech will not only provide 3T/7T/9.4T high-field MR imaging system, but also jointly establish ” High-field Magnetic Resonance Brain Imaging Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province” with University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and strengthen the collaboration with Tsinghua University School of Medicine, West China Hospital, etc., to jointly conduct interdisciplinary researches on MRI imaging technology, functional brain imaging, imaging diagnosis and treatment of brain disease, etc. The Lab will focus on brain disease diagnosis, such as senile dementia, Alzheimer’s, cerebral apoplexy, depression, autism and the likes. Through the research on the inheritance of brain disease, epigenetic, pathologic malfunction and so on to better understand the mechanisms driving brain disease.

Alltech in A New Transnational Brain Science Storm

Apart from relying on the strength of local enterprises and hospitals, Chengdu will also launch technological cooperation jointly with

 McGill University of Canada and Neuroscience Center of Cuba to study Brain Science and Brain-Like Intelligence Technology, and

 jointly establish “Tianfu Frontier Research Institution of Brain Information”, State Key Lab for Brain Information and International Joint Lab for Brain Information Science (“China-Cuba Frontier Joint Lab for Neurotechnology Transformation” and “China-Canada Frontier Joint Lab for Neuroimaging”). These labs, in the near future, will probably become China number one, international first-class research base for brain knowledge discovery, innovation and academic exchanges.