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Guinean President Alpha Conde Visits Alltech Medical Systems

November 4, 2016, Alpha Conde, President of the Republic of Guinea, paid a visit to Alltech Medical Systems, which is the only medical enterprise being visited during this weeklong state visit.

Sino-Guinean relations go back a long way, and Guinea was the first sub-Saharan African country to establish diplomatic ties with China, which accords with what President Xi Jinping said on Nov 2 that Guinea is as an “old, true and good” friend of China while meeting his Guinean counterpart Alpha Conde in Beijing. During the weeklong state visit, President Alpha Conde also met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and China's top legislator Zhang Dejiang. Apart from Beijing, he visited Shanxi Province and Sichuan Province as well. 

President Conde listened to the presentation on Alltech’s operation and achievements

President Conde listened to the presentation on Alltech’s operation and achievements

In the course of introducing Alltech to President Conde, Dr. Mark Zou, president of Alltech Medical Systems, highlighted that EchoStar 1.5T MRI series is economical and applicable to emerging markets, like African countries. Dr. Zou said that our product delivers an excellent owner experience by affordable cost of ownership, clinical versatility, enhanced process efficiency and ease-of-use. Its unique magnet-protection technology can protect the system for up to 72 hours under the power-cutting situations. Moreover, the innovative cold-magnet transportation equipment can significantly reduce cost without compromising the safety of transportation.

“We are to energetically enhance medical treatment for Guinean people, trying to upgrade the comprehensive hardware facilities for Guinean hospitals, so I hope Guinean hospitals could actively seek cooperation opportunities with Alltech to improve the wellbeing of our people.” President Conde said after listening to the welcome address by Alltech President Mark Zou. 

President Conde visited Alltech manufacturing lines

 President Conde visited Alltech manufacturing lines

Accompanied by Dr. Zou, President Conde and his entourage then toured Alltech product exhibition room and manufacturing lines. President Conde was treated to an in-depth introduction to the 1.5T superconducting MRI prototype and Alltech ACLOUD Center. He took great interest in Alltech ACLOUD Center which is able to well balance regional medical resources and improve comprehensive diagnosis level. “Guinea is in great need of such online medical platform to assist hospitals to diagnose and reduce patients diagnostic cost,” President Conde said.

While being introduced Alltech international MRI installation map, President Conde said that he looks forward to the day when Alltech adds a star on the Guinean map and sincerely congratulated Alltech’s great success in global market. At the same time, he thanked Alltech for the willingness to provide help on training imaging doctors and engineers for Guinea and the opportunities to study in Alltech.

This visit to Alltech by President Conde further deepens the strategic cooperation between Alltech and Africa markets. Empowered by the Chinese ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative, Alltech has laid solid market foundation in Africa. To date, Alltech has sold to Sudan, Ethiopia and Rwanda with great customer satisfaction. In addition, Alltech is actively planning on cross-Africa sales and service network by contacting with African governments, like Kenya, Cote d’lvoire, Cameroon, etc. In the future, Alltech dedicates to provide comprehensive high-end medical imaging products and solutions, assist Africa customers to enhance healthcare standards.

[This visit is also reported by Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China on its official website. ]