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Alltech at the RSNA 2016

Local time Nov. 27 to Dec. 02, at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, USA, Alltech showcased its latest products and solutions. Whereby, Alltech also initiated important strategic cooperation with Swissray on diversified products and services, resources integration and innovations, together with the debut of SR Pulse710, 1.5T MRI of Swissray.

Alltech at the RSNA 2016      Alltech at the RSNA 2016      Alltech at the RSNA 2016

Being an international society of radiologists, medical physicists and other medical professionals, RSNA is honored as the vane of medical industry, which hosts the world’s premier radiology forum, drawing approximately 55,000 attendees annually to McCormick Place in Chicago. Over the past 11 years, Alltech always keeps a close eye on the most cutting-edge medical scientific development, showing its strength and confidence in all kinds of international arenas of radiology, like RSNA, ISMRM, Arab Health, etc.

Alltech’s Booth at the RSNA 2016

Alltech’s Booth at the RSNA 2016

On the theme of “Beyond Imaging”, Chairman of the RSNA pointed out that, besides imaging diagnosis techniques, radiologists should also broaden their horizon on patient care, exploring the latest technological innovations, and participating more in subject construction. What he said aims to encourage radiologists to envision their profession beyond imaging. Coincidentally, Alltech’s concept is totally identical with the theme. As leading superconducting MRI designer and manufacturer, Alltech not only sets up strict requirements on technological R&D, but also pays high attention to patient care, reinforcing smooth interaction among doctors, patients and machines to ensure super comfortable diagnosis experience for both doctors and patients. The product EchoStar Comfort 1.5T MRI presented at our booth can easily meet the most rigorous clinical requirements, which features 71cm wide bore, Orion RF system, zero helium consumption, magnet-protection technology, intelligent software operating platform, etc. With all core technologies in-house, it delivers an excellent owner experience by affordable cost, clinical versatility, enhanced process efficiency and ease-of-use, increasing patient throughput and decreasing diagnosis cost while the quality of images dose not suffer.

Clients worldwide visited Alltech’s booth    Clients worldwide visited Alltech’s booth    Clients worldwide visited Alltech’s booth

Clients worldwide visited Alltech’s booth

During the exhibition, a delegation of China National Health and Family Planning Commission visited Alltech’s booth, showing great interest in Alltech’s fast development and achievements. They stimulated Alltech to keep on innovation and to expand medical imaging product lines. What’s more, Alltech’s booth also attracted a lot of visitors around the world. 

The delegation of China National Health and Family Planning Commission & Representatives of international clients took a group photo with Alltech team

The delegation of China National Health and Family Planning Commission & Representatives

of international clients took a group photo with Alltech team

Another exciting and historical event is the cooperation with Swissray. Alltech announced this great news at the debut of 1.5T superconducting MR, SR Pulse710. Facing the increasingly competitive medical imaging market, Swissray and Alltech will work in partnership to promote common development.  “Alltech will build a long-term cooperation relationship with Swissray on some core fields like R&D, marketing and sales to achieve advantages complementation, to develop and explore more business opportunities, and to create a win-win situation,” said by James Meng, Chief Marketing Officer of Alltech Medical Systems. “It’s an exciting cooperation! SR Pulse710 is only our first step, yet we wouldn’t just stop there,” Anne Sheehan added, Director of Swissray International MR Business Division.

Swissray MR team took a group photo with Alltech leaders

Swissray MR team took a group photo with Alltech leaders

Surely, with the implementation of our diversified development strategies, there would be a broad array of possibilities for Alltech in the future!