Customized Products
AllTech Medical Systems addresses our customers diverse professional requirements by offering a wide range of customized products and solutions.
Customized Products
  • MR coil for Gamma Knife radiosurgery
    MR coil for Gamma Knife radiosurgery

    The multi-channel head coil is developed exclusively for accurate focus localization prior to Gamma Knife radiosurgery.  It is designed to be compatible with all commonly used head frames for gamma knife radiosurgery. A 28cm clear opening is integrated with a classic birdcage structure to enable exceptional SNR while optimizing patient access and providing accurate localization with a goal of improving the success rate of this surgery.

  • Dual tuned surface coil (3.0Tesla MR)
    Dual tuned surface coil (3.0Tesla MR)

    Exclusively designed for 3.0 Tesla MR, this dual tuned transmit/receive coil realizes excellent penetration depth, a low RF absorption rate and transmit energy while providing  compatibility with high-end 3.0 Tesla MR systems.

  • Dual tuned surface coil (7.0Tesla MR)
    Dual tuned surface coil (7.0Tesla MR)

    Engineered with the latest RF design technologies, AllTech’s Dual tuned surface coil (7.0 Tesla MR) is specifically optimized for cardiac scanning in small animals. The performance of this coil has already been confirmed in a series of studies on the cardiac indication for metabolism disorders of the Tibetan macaque. Discoveries in these studies have produced a profound influence in the diagnosis of human cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and carotid plaque.

  • 1.5T veterinary MR
    1.5T veterinary MR

    Together with the world’s leading veterinary device provider Hallmarq, AllTech is designing and manufacturing the first super-conductive MR exclusively for large animals, addressing equine imaging, Giant panda, large pet animals, etc. Over a period of two years’ in R&D development, AllTech has produced significant breakthroughs in shielding equipment and in the design of a custom ‘V’ shaped animal coil. Currently, the proven resultant systems are being utilized by leading veterinarians worldwide for clinical and research purposes.

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